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Basic Arizona CCW Course

Basic Arizona CCW Course

The Basic CCW Course - offered by Armed Personal Defense is an 4 hour course.  This course is appropriate for anyone wishing to gain a detailed understanding of firearms safety, strategies for personal security, and the laws relating to firearms and the use of deadly force in Arizona.


Topics covered in the Basic CCW Course include:


·       Basic Firearms Safety

·       Understanding the Criminal Mindset

·       Combatting Fear in a Life Threatening Situation

·       Strategies for Personal Security Inside and Outside the Home

·       Non-Lethal Force Options for Self Defense

·       Understanding the Criminal/Civil Justice Systems

·       Justification for the use of Physical or Lethal Force

·       What constitutes "Self Defense" when using a firearm

·       Discussion of the “Castle Doctrine” in Arizona

·       Where you can legally carry a firearm in Arizona

·       Handling contact with Law Enforcement while carrying a firearm

·       Interstate Travel with Firearms and Reciprocity

·       Update on the most recent changes in Arizona gun laws


Cost of the course does NOT include the application fee payable to AZ DPS.  This fee must be submitted to DPS in the form of either a certified check or money order at the time of application.




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